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What is it about cars?

Competition time!

If you can successfully name a car make and model from those pictured below, email it to and you'll be put in a draw for a DrivenNet surprise prize!

Where to start on the wide open subject of cars and their undeniable magnetism? From the joyful Beetle to the adrenalin-pumped Formula 1 supercar, they draw us in and make even the sternest of us a little silly. It must be a psychologist’s dream to try and decipher the mind of a petrol head!

At an obvious level, cars can demonstrate wealth, speed, extravagance and power – all of which are associated with status and success. But if we were only interested in the flash of the sleek bodywork then why are we also drawn to the nostalgia of vintage cars and other sturdier options such as impressive agricultural and military vehicles? Kit cars, off roaders, even stock cars and home-made downhill racers… none escape the interest of the petrol head, even if we have our own particular favourites. And of course we do.

A great game to play is to ask people to name their favourite car - but you have to provide the context. What’s your favourite car for a family holiday? What’s your favourite four-wheel drive? Which car would you want to rent for a long weekend? If you had unlimited funds, which three cars would be in your garage? Oh and only ever play this with other verified petrol heads or you’ll end up without any friends.

Maybe cars are simply just like people. There are so many types and all represent different things. You can look for beauty, reliability, competitiveness, fun, great pedigree (and of course not such great pedigree), practicality and so much more. We can look at cars to own and enjoy or we can appreciate them at arm’s length.

At DrivenNet we love to explore cars at our fantastic and generous host venues. We could be at Lotus, Mclaren or Porsche, Tesla, Mercedes or Lamborghini and we also include The Motorist, Ginetta and Caterham as DrivenNet friends – each as different as the last. Our members are just as diverse and represent a range of different business sectors. It all adds to the mix and makes each meeting really interesting.

The more we think about it, cars are definitely a bit like people. There are many who are great fun for a night out but you wouldn’t want them living in your garage.



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