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It’s about the journey and the destination

We are in awe of our fantastic hosts who go above and beyond every month to make sure we have an interesting venue and plenty to enjoy whilst we visit. On average we spend 2-3 hours from start to finish every fourth Friday (in Yorkshire and the North East) and that time absolutely speeds by (excuse the pun). From test drives, competitions, behind-the-scenes insights, presentations and the chance to be close to some of the finest cars in the country, our hosts really deliver. We meet in different kinds of locations, keeping the meetings fresh and enjoyable. Each has its own merits and we are thankful for the support of each one.


We meet at car dealerships: including all the expected names alongside Formula 1 beasts, luxury supercars, revolutionary electric cars and truly aspirational models. Some meetings are held at businesses who focus on protective and specialist finishes. We have a network of venues who are passionate about classic restoration. Some themed hospitality venues are perfectly suited to our annual Christmas lunch or summer drive-outs. We have had the honour of holding events at as-seen-on-TV auction house, the most stunning stately homes, private collections and venues with race-tracks and simulators.


It's the variety that our members (and us of course) are drawn to. But it’s variety with one thing in common and that’s the purr of an engine in a range of builds, power and decibels. We chose to network the DrivenNet way to bring directors and business owners together from all sectors - with cars in common. Petrolheads are some of the nicest people you’ll meet – and at DrivenNet, they’re the only kind. By changing the backdrop of each meeting it (without fail) encourages wonder, conversation and connections. We often return to some of our most loyal and welcoming hosts, especially where we’ve built up strong relationships.


If you’re not a member of our groups in Yorkshire and the North East (with more on the way), drop us an email and we can arrange for a free taster visit. Some of our events are members’ only due to exclusivity and restricted numbers; but if we can organise it, we will. In this case, DrivenNet is as much about the destination as the journey.


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