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DrivenNet – not just for fancy car owners

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

We are a business networking group (for petrol-heads) first and foremost.

The reasons behind hosting each event in a different (and wonderful) motor-related venue are long and varied. But the main one is because the founder is both a business-person with a love of all things car related who happened to find traditional networking hopelessly tedious. It’s important to know that owning or aspiring to own a head-turning vehicle is absolutely not a prerequisite to join the group.

Based in Yorkshire we attract business people from the region. That’s not to say you need a Yorkshire postcode to join but it just makes sense if you’re joining our Friday breakfast networking (once a month) in Yorkshire.

We also specify that our members are business owners or hold a senior position within the business where they work. This keeps the membership at a good level so decisions can be made and deals can be done. Relationships also flourish as recommendations flow fast and furious (excuse the pun).

Our final criteria is that we tend to accept members from different sectors so there’s no conflict of interest. Sometimes we’ll approach another business where there’s some overlap or similarity to make sure everyone’s comfortable with the proposed new member. Obviously this avoids turning up as an accountant in a room full of other accountants, all hoping to find new clients who aren't accountants.

It’s always friendly, welcoming and great fun. Our hosts are brilliant – always going the extra mile to present their businesses well. They’re proud and pleased to host us and enjoy taking our members behind the scenes and making it an interesting and valuable use of everyone’s time.

That’s it. Those are our membership requirements. And of course there’s no need to roar onto the forecourt in a supercar – your everyday saloon will do just fine. However if you do have a supercar you can expect the DrivenNet members to want to take a look and listen!


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