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Having cars in common

Networking in the traditional sense is just plain awkward. At DrivenNet we recognise that and created the perfect environment that strips every meeting of that weird 'I must talk to someone... anyone' tension. We've done it by providing the best ice-breaker known to humankind - having something in common.

Usually conversations between strangers start clumsily as you try to find some sort of common ground - a comment on the weather (we can't help ourselves can we) or which route you took to arrive at your destination. By hosting meetings within the most fantastic petrolhead venues we are immediately on to a winner! We mix it up each month and include a diverse mix of car types - from sleek, sophisticated, luxury brands to retro, characterful, quirky models. There's always something to look at or chat about. Talking points are easily found; the conversations positive and engaging.

We believe that the key to a successful networking meeting is for you never to really feel like you are "networking". We bring together a mix of senior business people and company directors - each with a love of cars - and let the magic happen. Our events take place on a Friday morning and typically involve short presentations from the host and one guest (always voluntarily). We get to go behind the scenes and see an aspect of the venue that the general public don't get to see. It's always interesting, fun and relaxed.

We advise our members and their guests to forget about the networking. Just enjoy the morning, chat to each other, exchange contacts details and arrange a coffee or call for afterwards. No fuss or pressure to do anything other than spend some time with like-minded business people, enjoying everything vehicular!



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