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It's all about the coffee

Traditionally, business networking is one of those ever so awkward events where we try so hard to relax into the most unrelaxing situation we could ever find ourselves in! It doesn’t feel very British as this ‘perfect storm’ combines lots of elements we might ordinarily avoid – small talk, strangers, direct sales, early mornings, a tired hotel meeting room. The list goes on.

We set up DrivenNet to avoid all of that. As committed petrol heads and business people we decided to combine our absolute joy of amazing cars with an opportunity to meet other people who also want to spend their time with special cars and like-minded people. With an exciting backdrop and the promise of an automotive high we naturally gravitate towards each other and talk. There’s no ice to break or deafening silences, just a small group of people who meet up monthly to enjoy the environment. We change the venue every month too so there’s always something new to see or someone new to listen to. Our hosts are always generous and include all the names you’d expect – Porsche, Tesla, McLaren, Mercedes and other more quirky finds.

We’ve always said that the business part of what we provide comes down to one small action, and it’s the only bit of official networking we ever need to do – just organise that coffee. It’s not always conducive to talk business, even at a business networking event, so we encourage our members to exchange details and organise to meet up another time. Some of our members meet up for coffee or lunch after the monthly meeting or at a time to suit them, depending on their respective business locations. Some meet up in 2s, 3s or 4s - whatever suits your business dynamic. It works really well and means there is no one standing on their own self-consciously wondering who to talk to!

Whether you are a DrivenNet member or are thinking of joining us, enjoy the ride and forget about organising the networking, it kind of takes care of itself. Who’s for coffee?


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